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It’s fantastic! - George N / Milwaukee  



Best salsa north and south of the border . Made with the upmost care and consideration for the people who will be enjoying this tasty gift . Thank you for a joyous product!

Rob Mchenry



Hey Wanda, all i want to say is that I love the salsa, every time I get salsa from your family and take it home, my family would always comment on how it had the right amount of spice. We would put it on all kinds of foods and that it would be all gone in like 2 days. They would always comment on how they wished they would make salsa as great as yours. Hope you guys do great with the salsa.


Dave & I are thrilled that you are going to be sold in stores in your area. Just sorry that does not include us/ up here in the mountains of western North Carolina,(YET). We've been lucky to have access occasionally since we left Florida!  We love you guys. There is no other salsa like Piperz. The combination of ingredients you use with just enough heat to set it off makes it our "Best Ever" category of one. Good luck on your new distribution. Keep us in mind for a newsletter.  I figured when Piper won all those trophies that big things were coming & now here you are

Best regards and Best wishes--Linda & Dave Reilly, Bakersville, NC


On Thu, Feb 7, 2019, 2:56 PM Michelle

Hi Wanda,

Your sauce is amazing!! We have a 1/4 left in the jar. My hubby loves it. Very addicting taste! 


It had the right bite. It wasn't too hot.


I only tried it on chips but I am going to get creative with it!


If it's not too late I would like to order 3 jars of your big size. How do I pay you? Credit card? 


Thank you again for sharing this wonderful sauce!   Michelle W.


We tried your salsa last night and it was simply fantastic. I myself am not normally a big fan of salsa, but I'd buy this anytime I ran out! It was just the right amount of spice to give it real flare without overpowering it, and the heat didn't last very long regardless. I'm sure I'll be eating a lot more of it throughout the week -  Anthony Landi


The salsa was very good -   I like my salsa cold so I always refrigerate prior to eating.  It gets thicker when it gets colder.  It was very good.   I don't think you'll have a problem selling it - if you can get it into Starkey Market  it will be a big hit.     Brian - New Port Richey FL


Wonderful flavor. Tastes fresh. Easy to dip chips into and put on scrambled eggs.  - Deb C.  -  New Port Richey FL



My favorite salsa!   -  Michelle from  Milwalkee


Been a customer for years!  Great flavor, nice heat and healthy too…  Just got mine delivered the other day.  Can’t wait for it in stores. 

 PS My wife knows salsa, she was born and raised in TEXAS

Catherine and Mike Plum


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